A fun game, where the player can learn to trade with stocks and more
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CASHFLOW Technologies, Inc

In the same line as its predecessor Cashflow 101, Cashflow 202 follows the same line of teaching people how to put their money to work and not to work for the money. In this second part, the people of Cashflow technologies created a virtual finance world in which they integrated a more realistic life, where more variables have been introduced to the game. Now the bad things are worse, and now the rules have changed and it is even more difficult to get out of the rat race. The stock operations are more real, and you’ll never know if you will be able to buy a stock and the price is going to raise or drop. The player can really go bankrupted when trading stocks. The stock market simulator works really well, even though it works only with 5 or 6 different stocks, it shows the big idea about what it means to be playing with fire. By trading with stocks, the game also teaches how to use “options”. Every time the player arrives to an “opportunity” he can choose either to go for a cash flow opportunity or for a capital gain opportunity. If the player chooses to go for a cash flow opportunity, the game goes similar to the cash flow 101, but in the capital gain opportunity, the player gets access to the stock market to look for stock opportunities. In such opportunities, he can buy, sell (get short) or buy options (puts or calls). There is also a video from Robert Kiyosaki explaining how to trade with options, in a few words they are insurances. In the market part, not only happen selling opportunities, now, something really bad can happen, and if the player owns a property and has it rented (which is one of the ways of creating cash flow) it can get damaged and the costs are very high. Also other factors affect Cashflow 202, such as recession where the rents are spited, or stocks loose their value due companies bankruptcy and all the money invested in such stocks is lost by the player. It is now harder to get out of the rat race, but it is a more realistic scenario. There are some things that happen in the game inside the doodads, that can make the player think: “I wouldn’t do that if my finance situation was really like that…” but, anyway, it’s part of the game. If you have played Cashflow 101 and have it mastered, going to the 202 part, would not be a bad idea, give it a try, it’s very fun and challenging.

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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  • Very good simulation, a good reflect of real live


  • There are some weird situations that happen to the player where everything goes very bad
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